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Hayaat Group represents the business legacy of the Elahi family, which has a history dating back nearly 100 years. The group was formed as an independent entity by the third generation - conceived by Mohammed Ikhaq and developed with brother Mohammed Ishtiaq with support from a third brother, Mohammed Afaq. 


While Hayaat Group's initial focus was on the real estate sector in the UK and South Asian markets, as the platform grew, the scope was expanded to new markets and sectors that could fuel the group's growth and income ambitions, including urban regeneration and groundbreaking next generation disruptors. Today, the group is present markets from the USA, Europe, the GCC to South Asia. 


The Elahi family business dates back to 1925 when Mohammed Fazal Elahi operated business interests including hotel, warehousing, land lease and real estate developments in what later became known as Pakistan. His son, Mohammed Ishaq, spear-headed the second generation retail business interests in the UK, later supported by one of the third generation, Mohammed Ishtiaq, between 1960 and 1990. 

Group foundations:
The basis for Hayaat Group was conceived by Mohammed Ikhlaq, another third generation family member, and developed with brother Mohammed Ishtiaq, whose principal areas are group real estate and urban regeneration interests, and, supported by a third  brother - Mohammed Afaq - who was one of a team of architects involved in flagship projects.

Early projects focused on North West England, and, as the group grew, UK investments were followed by interests in Turkey and the UAE. 


In 2008, work commenced on The Green, an award-winning student accommodation project for the University of Bradford, which was a milestone in the group’s history and part of a major urban regeneration project for the city of Bradford. In 2011, the group embarked on direct investments in next generation disruptors across the USA, Asia and the Middle East, while continuing major development projects in high growth markets in Africa.

Since 2016, the Hayaat Group has entered a phase of accelerated growth, with further UK real estate investments and early stage funding for companies in the UK and the USA. 


The first generation of the Elahi family enters the business world managing hotel, warehousing, real estate developments and land leases in Pakistan


The second and third generations of the Elahi family establish a major retail operation in the UK


Hayaat Group is conceived by Mohammed Ikhlaq, with the support of brothers Ishtiaq and Afaq


The group embarks upon real estate development and urban regeneration in the North West of England


Expansion of real estate investments into Pakistan


Continued expansion of UK real estate investments and urban regeneration


Development of real estate asset management and initial UAE real estate investments

2006 - 2007

Expansion of UAE real estate portfolio


Initial stages of Hayaat Group’s flagship project The Green at the University of Bradford


The Green is completed and the group embarks on direct investments in technology companies

2012 - 2013

Campus House, the group’s second major real estate development at the University of Bradford, is completed. Real estate and asset management projects initiated in Africa.


Delivery taken of high value UAE real estate investments, real estate investment and asset management operations in the UAE are also expanded


Selected African real estate investments are divested in favour of enhanced focus on UAE real estate and growth businesses


Hayaat Group is in a period of accelerated growth, expanding its team and moving into new areas, from seed funding of loyalty projects to investment in a health food company

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