Investing in innovative, sustainable and
world-leading projects
Driven to Invest

We have created $500 million in enterprise value over three decades, cementing our reputation as a premier investment company.
International Scope

Our investments and management experience spans across the Far East, Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America.
Frontier Markets

We are focused on making majority owned direct company investments in some of the world's fastest growing frontier markets.
World Class People

We are a cohesive team of professionals who bring a significant level of collective experience in creating and adding value.
Hayaat Group Limited is a privately owned and privately funded investment company incorporated in Jersey.

Hayaat Group Limited owns equity in a diverse and dynamic group of companies that are all characterized by an entrepreneurial zeal and a balanced and calculated attitude to risk.

The Group, supported by a strong balance sheet, will consider differing investment opportunities, structures and sizes.

Hayaat Group has a strong track record of pushing the boundaries on what can be achieved, creating value and generating significant returns.
Hayaat Group has representation in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

Hayaat Group's Board of Directors and Senior Management have extensive experience throughout the Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.

Hayaat's investments stretch across:

> Afghanistan
> Kuwait
> Mozambique
> Pakistan
> Tanzania
> Turkey
> Singapore
> South Africa
> UK
Hayaat Group has investments in developed economies but also has a large focus on frontier markets primarily in East Africa.

Hayaat Group's entrepreneurial philosophy enables it to invest into some of the world's fastest growing economies, whilst also ensuring that its structured and processed approach enables the company to manage the risk profile of its investments.

In East Africa the growing middle class and the demands for infrastructure investment together with the continued exploitation of the large natural resources has created many opportunities. As social and political stability strengthens within many parts of Africa and the development of these economies continues, Hayaat Group has positioned itself to be a part of this growth.
Our team reflects the international nature of the Hayaat Group.Based primarily in Abu Dhabi, the Group's team has multi national experience, having carried out business in all four corners of the globe.

Our team brings a significant experience in sustainable investments, breakthrough innovations, transformative ideas, capital efficiency and leverage

Our team shares core values that support integrity, innovation, focus, and performance to meet the expectations of our most ambitious partners.

Together, we are committed to helping build and sustain excellent businesses.